Friday, December 31, 2010

December Photo Hunt

1. Holiday Lights
I know it's not picture perfect, but this our tree.  And the funny is, it kind of represents me this month.  I'm usually FULL of Christmas cheer, but some days I felt like half of my lights were out too...I think it was a combination of my maternity leave being over and having to work EVERY night through the Christmas holiday weekend. :(  Next year is going to be better.  New Year.  New Lights. New Me!

2. Holiday Spirit
One of the only things that got me in the Holiday Spirit this year: Our 3 year old's First Sunday School Christmas Program.  Our Church is always decorated just simple enough to be perfect...and the Very First Christmas Story is told through the mouths of babes. :)
3. A Holiday Treat
I'm dubbing this dessert: Peppermint Dream.  My SIL made this up from a different recipe she found.  Think Peppermint Ice Cream Heaven.  Nuff said.

4. An Ornament
Cashton's 1st the end of Christmas I think he's got 5 already...
but this one was the FIRST!

5. A Gift-Wrapped Package

6. A Window Display
Our nephew said he didn't want to go outside and play with us...but it sure looked like he wanted too!

7. A Winter/Holiday Icon
photo taken by my hubby and edited by me
Frosty the Snowman
8. A Tree
This was my sister's BIG idea.  Our dad shares his brithday with Jesus, so we always have a birthday cake for him at our Christmas celebration...this year she made a "Family Tree"  Get it?!?!  Yeah, she was pretty proud.

9. A Tradition
I actually did buy the kit to make Cashton's stocking...but I just didn't have the time to finish it for this Christmas..

10.Something that says Noel
"The-a First No-o-el..."
That's all I got. Hunt Fail.
11. Something Precious
yet another excerpt from the "Sibling PJ Shoot"...

12. Something Peaceful
What's more peaceful than a sleeping baby? in a shirt sent with lots of love from CA to WI!

13. Something Hot

14. Something Cold
from our first snowfall of the season...

15. Something Red
photo taken by my SIL while the rest of us were either wrestle the children back onto the couch...or make riculous noises and faces behind the camera (next time I MUST snap a shot of the adults doing this)
These are the grandchildren on my husbands' side of the fam.

16. Something Green
My brother and SIL's GI-NORMOUS Tree
17. Motion Blur
Our niece getting pulled in the sled
18. Black & White Photo
(with selective coloring)

19. Infrared Photography Technique
(in-camera OR post-process)

20. A Macro Shot


Sheri said...

Beautiful and great job! I skipped a few.

Ashley Sisk said...

These turned out great - I love your window display!

Anne U said...

Great shots, the expression on the little boy's face in window display is sweet and your something red shot is hilarious, lots of action going on there!