Sunday, February 12, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday 2.12.12

 Samantha's Dimples. Can you look at them and NOT smile?



 4. GOLD
Our wedding rings...a little of the White Gold variety

At 25 weeks, it takes more and more fabric to cover up my belly.  Here's my viewpoint.

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Jessica said...

i loved your gold picture. having your wedding picture in the background was a great touch to make the picture extra special. good job and congrats on the little one on the way!

Magnolia_Mom said...

What sweet dimples! Love the spicy pic too.

Mikayla said...

Your daughter is adorable! I love that you kind of thought out of the box.

Mikayla said...

Sorry, I didnt complete my sentence. Hah
I like how you thought out of the box and interpreted the she's themes a little differently than everyone else.

Ashley Sisk said...

Awww love that belly shot - I am so far from that it feels like. At nearly 16 weeks, I have nothing to show for myself.

Wendy said...

Great set of pictures! Love your fabric shot...what a great way to preserve the memory. Also love your gold the wedding picture in the background!

Gretchen said...

Fun set!! Love those dimples... and your fabric shot is a wonderful perspective!! =)

becomingmyideal said...

I loved your interpretation on all of the shots this week. Especially liked the rings with the wedding picture in the background. Your spicy picture also added a nice bit of humor to the set. Great job!